Ever played the "Telephone" game, where you send a message around a circle of people & see how it turns out? This is an online version which translates the message to 20 random languages using Yandex Translate and finally translates it back to the original language. Have fun!

Can't think of anything? Check out the most popular translations on the side ➜

Well, that's how the message turned out! What next?

▶ You can share it simply by linking to this URL:

▶ You can try a new message — lyrics and quotes work well.

Note: Yandex charges for use of their Translate API past a certain amount of free translations each day. That means if lots of people use this, you'll likely start seeing errors. If you enjoy it and want to contribute to its costs, please donate via PayPal. If you're a developer, you can also clone the code and use your own Yandex API key.